Teach English as a Foreign Teacher and travel the world!

Our extensive and practical TEFL course focuses not only on fundamentals of teaching, but also real life practical tools that will help you cross cultural bounderies, improve your communication skills and do an impeccable job regarless of the setting, number of students or resources available..

Our online TEFL certification course combines perfectly with our on-site course, allowing for blended learning if you opt for the onsite option. 

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UnitsUnit TitleUnit Description
1Language LearningUnit one focuses on five learning systems central to EFL English: grammar and syntax, lexis, phonology, functional language, and discourse. It also looks at learning preferences, offering suggestions on ways using visuals and audio as well as ways to make lessons more active.
2Helping Learners SucceedUnit two looks at ways to motivate students to read, write and speak. It gives strategies to help with pronunciation, stress, and intonation practice and looks at accuracy versus fluency, monitoring in the classroom and giving feedback. Finally, it looks at The Communicative Language Approach, teaching communicative functions, PPP and TTT.
3Building MaterialsIn this unit, teachers learn how to adapt coursebook materials, work with graded readers and find out where to source authentic materials. They learn how to create their own card, board game, worksheet and writing activities for their students. They look at ways blended learning can enhance the EFL classroom and how to use images to promote speaking.
4Learning, Planning an AssessmentUnit four looks at learning planning and assessment keeping the four skills in mind. It looks at ways to integrate listening and speaking, integrate reading and writing and focus on grammar. It also suggests ways to promote student autonomy using 21st Century Skills learning strategies. This unit also helps teachers devise templates for both daily long-term planning. It finished with a look at formative and summative assessment and how they can be used to evaluate student progress.

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  • Unit 1: Language Learning
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