Moonlight's Secret

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B1 CEFR English Level

High above the sleepy town, the night sky was a canvas of shimmering wonders. Among them was Luna, a shy moonbeam who often hid behind the clouds, feeling overshadowed by the brighter stars. She admired Starla, the most radiant star in the sky, and Comet, known for his dazzling speed and trail of sparkling dust.

Luna - The Moonbeam

One evening, as Luna tried to blend in with the other moonbeams, Starla approached her. "Why do you hide, Luna? Every beam has its glow, and you are no exception."

Luna replied, "I'm just a simple moonbeam. Next to you and Comet, I feel so ordinary."

Just then, Comet zoomed by, leaving a trail of stardust. "Luna," he exclaimed, "every celestial being has its unique charm. You haven't discovered yours yet."

Comet - The Fast Celestial

Wanting to help Luna see her worth, Starla and Comet devised a plan. That night, they invited Luna to the center of the night sky, a place she had never been before. As Luna hesitated, Starla whispered words of encouragement, and with a gentle nudge from Comet, Luna found herself in the spotlight.

Starla - The Caring Celestial

Suddenly, the clouds below started to shift, creating a vast ocean of mist. And as Luna shone down, her beam reflected off the mist, creating a mesmerizing lunar rainbow, a phenomenon the world had never seen. The town below woke up in awe, admiring the beautiful arc of colors.

Luna, surprised by her reflection, realized that she had a unique glow, one that was different but just as beautiful. Starla smiled, "Every star, every comet, every moonbeam has its magic. It's about finding the right moment to shine."

Comet added, "And embracing what makes you unique."

From that night on, Luna shone with newfound confidence, often creating lunar rainbows, reminding everyone of the beauty of uniqueness. And as the tales of Moonlight's Secret spread, children would often gaze up, hoping to catch a glimpse of Luna's special glow, learning the importance of embracing their own uniqueness.

1) Where did Luna, the moonbeam, often hide?

a) Behind the mountains

b) Behind the clouds

c) In the ocean

d) Among the trees

2) Who was the most radiant star in the sky?

a) Luna

b) Comet

c) Starla

d) Sun

3) What was Comet known for?

a) His brightness

b) His loud noise

c) His dazzling speed and trail of sparkling dust

d) His size

4) Where did Starla and Comet invite Luna to?

a) The edge of the night sky

b) The center of the night sky

c) The morning sky

d) The evening sky

5) What phenomenon did Luna create when she shone down on the mist?

a) A solar eclipse

b) A lunar rainbow

c) A meteor shower

d) A galaxy

6) What lesson did Luna learn from her experience?

a) To hide from others

b) To always stay in the spotlight

c) To find the right moment to shine and embrace uniqueness

d) To always listen to Starla and Comet

1) Correct Answer: b) Behind the clouds
2) Correct Answer: c) Starla
3) Correct Answer: c) His dazzling speed and trail of sparkling dust
4) Correct Answer: b) The center of the night sky
5) Correct Answer: b) A lunar rainbow
6) Correct Answer: c) To find the right moment to shine and embrace uniqueness

Moonlight's Secret
Robbie Stevenson 16 de septiembre de 2023
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