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Task: Students write a short paragraph or dialogue continuing the story from the reading passage or inspired by the audio clip.

Using the text and audio in this forum exercise, do the task above. 

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Here are some examples to give you an idea:

Continuation of the Reading Story: "The Weary Traveler's Promise"

The next morning, the traveler, whose name was Thomas, set off early, but not before leaving a small, intricately carved wooden box for the innkeeper. Inside, she found a note that read, "A token of gratitude for your kindness." The box was filled with seeds of rare flowers, which, when planted, bloomed into a spectacular array of colors, transforming the inn's garden into a local attraction. Years later, Thomas returned, not as a weary traveler, but as a renowned botanist, ready to fulfill his promise by helping the innkeeper turn her garden into a botanical wonder.

Continuation of the Audio Clip Narrative: "Luna's New Journey"

Emboldened by her newfound light, Luna began to explore the vast night sky. One night, she encountered a group of lost starlings, their light dimmed by doubt. Sharing her story, Luna inspired them to find their unique glow. Together, they formed new constellations, telling stories of hope and resilience. Luna had not only discovered her glow but had become a beacon for others, teaching them that every light, no matter how faint, has a place in the night sky's tapestry.