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Exercise 1.3b: 3) Group Presentations and Discussion

To foster understanding and practical application of lexical items through group presentations and subsequent discussions.


  1. Preparation:
    • Each group prepares a brief presentation of their sentences or paragraphs, ensuring they highlight how they have utilized the provided lexical items.

  2. Group Presentations:
    • Each group shares their creations with the class. This can be in the form of reading aloud or using visual aids like slides, if appropriate.

  3. Key Highlights:
    • During the presentations, encourage groups to explain why they chose certain words or phrases and how they believe these contribute to the meaning and coherence of their texts.


  1. Analysis and Feedback:
    • After each presentation, open the floor for class discussion on the group's work. You can direct the discussion towards effective use of lexical items, accuracy in their application, and creativity in sentence construction.

  2. Areas for Improvement:
    • Offer constructive suggestions on how to improve or vary the use of lexical items. This might include discussing word alternatives, corrections in collocations, or more appropriate use of idioms.

  3. Class Participation:
    • Encourage other students to participate in the discussion, whether by asking questions, offering their own suggestions, or commenting on what they liked about each presentation.

Conclusion of the Activity:

  • Highlight the importance of lexical diversity in effective communication and how the conscious use of different types of words can enrich both written and oral expression.
  • Conclude with general reflections on what was learned in the activity and how students can apply this knowledge in their future writing and speaking tasks.

This structure for the "Group Presentations and Discussion" section is designed to maximize student learning and engagement. By presenting their work and engaging in discussions, students not only practice their communication skills but also develop a deeper understanding of how lexical items can be effectively used in different contexts. Additionally, the feedback and suggestions provided during this phase help students refine their language use and recognize the importance of choosing the right words to clearly and precisely express their ideas.